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Craft rum proudly distilled in the Dominican Republic.

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Don D’Marco Rum – Traditionally Crafted In The Dominican Republic

Rum is considered to be the national beverage of the Dominican Republic. It’s history can be traced back to the 16th Century and originated by British settlers. Distilled from molasses, a byproduct of sugar and sugar cane, rum actually was not very popular when it was first produced. It was often referred to as a “terrible liquor.”

Over time, notwithstanding accounting for taste, rum certainly became the predominant spirit of the Caribbean. During the 18th century, rum was also used as currency. As lore would have it, sailors would add a small amount of gunpowder to the rum. If the rum ignited – it was deemed authentic. That’s one way to protect against counterfeit currency!

Fast-forward to present day and rum is often referred to as the Spirit of the Caribbean. Many countries have staked their claim with their production(s) of rum. The Dominican Republic, with its rich heritage and dominance in sugar cane agriculture is at the top of the list when it comes to be best of the best. You can often find rum in one of three categories: Clear or Silver, Aged or Dark, and Spiced of Flavored.

While there are many offerings currently in the market, 16th Century Rum Distillers, LLC took a step back in time and history. We focused on the way a true traditional and authentic rum was produced before Don D’Marco Rum was created.

With over 400 years of heritage Don D’Marco Rum, proudly produced in the Dominican Republic, is truly an ultra-premium craft rum. We are proud and honored to bring this time honored spirit to your table.


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